Vite di Giulio Romano

Risulta difficile credere che un artista come Giulio Romano, considerato oggi tra i maggiori del primo ‘500 e l’iniziatore del manierismo, abbia goduto in passato di scarsissimo credito. Eppure ciò è stato. Dopo Giorgio Vasari infatti, il quale ne fu

Benedetto Bacchini – Dell’istoria del monastero di San Benedetto di Polirone

Benedetto Bacchini Dell’istoria del monastero di San Benedetto di Polirone 400 pagine. Ristampa anastatica: Modena, 1696.   Brossura ISBN: no   Brossura – € 18,00

Phineas Taylor Barnum – The art of money getting

“True economy is misapprehended, and people go through life without properly comprehending what that principle is. One says, “I have an income of so much, and here is my neighbor who has the same; yet every year he gets something

Juan de Betánzos – Suma y narracion de los Incas

Juan Díez de Betanzos y Araos fue un explorador y cronista español (Betanzos, 1510 – Cuzco, 1576). Acompañó a Francisco Pizarro y a Diego de Almagro en la conquista del Perú. Fue Juan de Betanzos uno de los pocos conquistadores

Camilo Castelo Branco – Amor de Perdição

Amor de Perdição faz parte da chamada segunda fase do romantismo, em que o amor pode levar até as últimas consequências. A história – de amor rebelião e morte, de destruição, de fato, é que entre um jovem anarquista romântico

Samuel Butler – Erewhon

“Erewhon” (or, Over the Range) is a novel by Samuel Butler which was first published anonymously in 1872. The title is also the name of a country, supposedly discovered by the protagonist. In the novel, it is not revealed where

Emily Brontë – Wuthering Heights

Although Wuthering Heights is now widely regarded as a classic of English literature, contemporary reviews for the novel were deeply polarised; it was considered controversial because its depiction of mental and physical cruelty was unusually stark, and it challenged strict

Charlotte Brontë – Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre follows the emotions and experiences of its eponymous heroine, including her growth to adulthood and her love for Mr. Rochester, the Byronic master of fictitious Thornfield Hall. In its internalisation of the action—the focus is on the gradual

Anne Brontë – Agnes Grey

Agnes Grey is the debut novel of English author Anne Brontë (writing under the pen name of Acton Bell), first published in December 1847, and republished in a second edition in 1850. The novel follows Agnes Grey, a governess, as

Léon Bloy – Le Désespéré

“Le Désespéré” est le premier roman largement autobiographique de Léon Bloy. Le drame vécu par les deux principaux protagonistes, Caïn Marchenoir et Véronique Cheminot, est de fait la transposition de celui que vit Bloy avec Anne-Marie, une relation où la

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