What Maneskin Winning The Eurovision 2021 Contest Tells About You And Italy

It has surely been a surprise for many people around Europe seeing an Italian rock band hitting the top of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam with a tense rock track.
It is true that it is not the first time an Italian artist wins the continental festival, but before it had only happened with a couple of really mushy melodies. And this is what you usually expect abroad from Italian music, as you think that is all: opera in the past and guitar serenades today.
Instead, just to focus for a moment on rock music itself, actually Italy has been offering greatest bands since the 70’s at least, such as, just to mention a few ones, the fusion progressive Area, the new wave Diaframma and Litfiba, then in the 90’s Timoria, Karma, Negrita, Estra…
None of them would have been showed up in a comparison with international (generally English singing) bands. Yet, there has never been a challenge, as the international labels only speak English, and you expect from Italy only pizza and mandolin.

But if the eye sees only one colour in the rainbow, the fault is not in the rainbow, it is in the eye.

What I mean is: every place is more than all the silly clichés we have about it. And especially Italy is a very complex and articulated country; and its complexity is its main richness. A richness that Italy is not jealous about and that it is, and has always been, glad to share with you.
So, why limiting yourself and keeping on wearing bias-glasses? Let your stereotypes down, and do yourself a courtesy: allow yourself to discover and appreciate the extremely rich complexity of Italy beyond silly phony postcards.

Just be careful to choose the right mentor to do that, wherever you choose to start from.


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After the tour, when I opened my email, I found a wonderful book Daniele Lucchini wrote about Mantua, and trust me! You'll never find on Internet or in any guide book what I found there! Pure delight and thank you again - Anastasia L, Russia


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