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Imagine you have been interested in video games since the days of the 8-bit home computers. And imagine you have sporadically written some from time to time.
Then imagine you have always loved reading, telling and writing stories.
Stories and video games have always made a happy marriage. And recently this marriage has often walked in the shoes of visual novels. Several kinds of them, and for almost any kind of audience.
We thought it was time to give them a try also here. In mid 2024 we started Studio Gombo, and wrote our first visual novel. That's it.

The Labours of Hercules is the first visual novel by Studio Gombo. It is based on the mythological tales on the hero and his feats.
You play as Hercules, and follow him in his famous twelve labours around Greece, Egypt and various unknown worlds.
Twenty-three characters to interact with, and Hercules himself evolving during the adventure.
The dialogues tell the "real" story in a generally funny atmosphere. Still, you may stumble in a couple of spicy situations and a few impolite words. Nothing scandalous anyway.
The novel has been written directly both in English and in Italian. Therefore you can consider it to have two original versions.
Translations in other languages might come in the future. At present we would appreciate especially Japanese speaking volunteers.
The Labours of Hercules by Studio Gombo was written with Ren'Py, and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.
Download it soon from!

Capitalism. Where Our World Is Going Back to is a simple resource management text game.
You play as Jack Marley of Scrooge & Marley Co. (but both names, of character and company, are customizable), a businessman with no scruples who has got to make the most out of his workers.
Hire applicants, exploit hard workers and fire the bad ones, keep your popularity high among your peers, keep away tax officers and trade unionists... and grasp as much money as you can before relocating somewhere else. That's how you win.
Of course, Capitalism is written to be a funny relaxing little game, but it is actually also a pungent satire on the fast deterioration of work conditions in the Western world.
Enjoy... and behave!.
Capitalism by Studio Gombo was written in PHP and encapsulated in PHP Desktop, and is available for Windows and Linux.
Download it soon from!

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