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Think of all the travels you have been told or you have read about. Many of them had taken advantage of a guide.
And, among all of those mentors we remember, the most famous is surely Virgil who guides Dante, a very special traveller, during his extraordinary itinerary through the otherworldly realms. A poet, an author and a Mantuan-born too as the most suitable guide for an exceptional tourist in a unique journey.

If you are choosing to visit Mantua and Sabbioneta, you are too surely an attentive tourist. Actually, though they are two pearls of the Renaissance, and this is why they are enlisted as Unesco heritage sites, they are not among the most popular Italian spots for travellers from abroad.
So, if you are thinking to discover Mantua and Sabbioneta, you deserve a special guide who can let you appreciate their best aspects. The Mantova Guide is the author who will lead you through the palaces and the alleys of these two little towns made great by the Gonzaga family. The Mantova Guide is the person who may make your visit of Mantua and Sabbioneta a high quality author tour.

To visit Mantua and Sabbioneta, do not hesitate to contact the Mantova Guide.

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We were in Mantova last September and enjoyed your wonderful guided tour. We have now decided to bring other friends to see your beautiful city next year - Julie-Ann G, Australia


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Diego Furgeri e Marco Rebuzzi Eros. Amori e passioni al tempo dei Gonzaga

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