Why Choose Mantova Guide

The Mantova Guide is a duly licensed tour guide.
🤔 Is that important?
More, it is a legal obligation. And transgressors should be reported to the authorities.
By the way, would you trust a doctor without a license?

The Mantova Guide is a professional tour guide, holding a regular VAT number.
🤔 Is that important?
Sure. A tour guide with no VAT number is a hobbyist practicing from time to time and providing you no invoice at all. Not exactly a guide with no license, but anyway...
Would you trust a dentist practicing as a hobbyist and providing you no invoice at all?

The Mantova Guide is touring you only in Mantua and Sabbioneta.
🤔 Is that important?
Should you need a peculiar quality product, would you go to a supermarket or to a specialized shop?

The Mantova Guide is setting a clear limit of participants per guided tour.
🤔 Is that important?
Absolutely, in case you wish, as I do, the tour to take place under the best possible conditions.
Don't tell me you would travel in a train compartment of four with other ten people. Nor that you would dine at a table of eighty with only one waiter for everybody.

The Mantova Guide is not applying surcharges for tours in foreign languages.
🤔 Is that important?
Would you be delighted to pay more for a taxi ride, just because you don't speak the driver's native language?

The Mantova Guide has a university degree in literature and humanities, and has been working for a long time in the field of art and culture.
🤔 Is that important?
Think about it: should you like to buy a cake, would you go to a random shop or to a cake shop?

Visiting a city or a monument with a tour guide is above all the pleasure of discovering their most important and fascinating aspects even in a limited time.
Moreover, it lets you understand clues, “behind-the-scenes” and points of view that you likely would not notice touring on your own.
Yet, it is also a small investment to make the most of your cultural tour.

Choose carefully the tour guide who has to make special your visit to a museum, an exhibit or a town centre.
Choose the Mantova Guide to visit Mantua and Sabbioneta.

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