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Small software by you may use for free

Well, I am not a real programmer, but as an amateur I have written some small software during the years. Some may still be working and useful, some may not.
If you want to try them, here they are: you may use them absolutely for free. Of course, you understand you use them at your own risk and under your own responsibility.
Should you like one of them and want to drop me a line or offer me a glass of wine, I will surely appreciate it.

Allegra Brigata [Android]
A very simple Android app to listen to the album L'allegra brigata by the Italian folk-pop band Maló, who were active in the late 1990's.
Maybe today it is more comfortable to listen to the album directly from Virgil Radio.
Try it.

Argos [PHP]
A simple yet pretty detailed web stats tool based on .csv files and no cookies. A light and not invasive tool to track the accesses to your web site.
Try it.

BackupZilla [Windows]
Utility to backup your user profiles (such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Skype, etc.) and any other directory in your system. You can easily set everything by editing directly the .bat file. It requires 7-Zip to work.
Try it.

Csv2Vcf [PHP]
A script to convert a series of contact details stored in an Excel or .csv file to the .vcf standard format for smart phone address books.
Try it.

DeSnap [Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distros]
A bash script to completely remove and purge the Snap package manager from your Linux system.
Though I have written DeSnap for Ubuntu and alike, I guess it should work also on other distros.
Try it.

Discogs To ExFalso Tagger [PHP]
A script to search Discogs site for the tags of a given record and then code them to be imported via ExFalso, the audio file tagger of QuodLibet cross-platform music player.
Try it.

Golbuntu [Debian/Ubuntu based Linux distros]
Utility for the Apt package manager to keep up to date and clean your Linux system.
Try it.

Googliser Runner [Linux]
A bash-terminal interface to run Googliser by Teracow, which is a comfortable script to download images from Google Image search results.
It requires Googliser to work.
Try it.

Instafeed [PHP]
A simple script to get an RSS feed from the timeline of a given Instagram user.
I am afraid that, due to Meta policies, Instafeed is not working anymore. But if you feel like giving it a try...
Try it.

Latin Spellchecker [plug-in for Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird]
Manifest update of the plug-in written by Leszek Życzkowski e Jean-Pierre Sutto, so you may use it also with Thunderbird versions newer than 60.
Try it.

Mentor [Web app]
An online lexical assistant that references automatically all the words of a given text to a given dictionary, letting you save a lot of time.
Try it.

MiniFunx [PHP]
A short series of customized comfortable PHP functions.
Try it.

No Pub [PHP]
A simple script to search the Google Play Store only for free and ad-free apps.
I am afraid that, due to Google policies, No Pub is not working anymore. But if you feel like giving it a try...
Try it.

Orbilius [Web app]
An online tool to search for a word, as a token and its concordances, in a corpus of modern Latin texts, giving for any searched word a glossary translation, if present, and a list of concordances.
Try it.

Pagina Bianca [HTML]
A super simple white Bootstrap web page layout designed for them who just want on their site written words.
Try it.

Pygmalion [Web app]
An online Italian-English-Italian dictionary which should increase its lexicon while using it. I say "it should", because it is not always working properly. My fault, of course. Anyway, if you feel like giving it a try...
Try it.

Specola [Web app]
A meteorological, pollenological and geological station all in one for the city of Mantua.
A customization for your city may be purchased.
Try it.

TEVU [Web app]
TEVU stands for Tastiera Etrusca Virtuale Unicode, id est Virtual Etruscan Unicode Keyboard. And, as you may imagine, it is an online keyboard to type Etruscan characters.
Documentation (in Italian) can be found at the following links: [1], [2], [3].
Try it.

Ubuntu Deb Packages [Ubuntu Linux]
Deb packages for Ubuntu 12.04 (very old!) of some mainly humanities related open source software written by me or other authors: Diogenes, Golbuntu, jPdfTweak, Lector, Mentor, TextStat.
Try them.

Una Pagina Al Giorno [Web app]
The name of this simple app means: "a page every day". What it does is letting you read and meditate a different short poem (in Itaian) every day. Nothing more, just a given flower.
Try it.

Vinile Audio Player [PHP]
A little simple mp3 file player simulating a vynil record turning, based on the skeuomorphic player by Josh Bader.
Try it.

Youtube Audio Player [JavaScript]
A JS script letting you embed in a web page and play a Youtube video as if it was a mp3 file.
Try it.

Should you like one of the above software and want to drop me a line or offer me a glass of wine, I will surely appreciate it.

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